Wholesale Voice over IP (VoIP)

We offer wholesale termination and origination of VoIP services with no minimum commitment. Our API allows you to use our service on your own web site. No matter what needs you have, we will work with you to find the absolute best solution to meet them. Please Contact Us with a description of your needs and we’ll get you provisioned right away!


  • Control Panel for Complete Automation
  • SIP Trunks (Peers) – G.711/ulaw
  • CNAM Storage
  • CNAM Dips/Lookups (with caching!)
  • e911 Service
  • Vanity / Custom Toll-Free Numbers
  • Instant DID Number Provisioning
  • US48 Domestic Termination Rate: 1.5¢ a minute
  • No Minimum Commitments
  • PAYG (Pay As You Go)
Service Monthly Rate
US48 & Canadian Termination N/A 1.5¢ per minute
Directory Assistance (411) N/A $1.49 per call
e911 Service $1.49 per DID $0.00
Toll-Free DID Numbers (Origination) $1.00 2.5¢ per minute
North Americian DID Numbers (Origination) $1.99 As low as 1.5¢ per minute
Local DID Number Porting N/A $10 per number
Toll-Free DID Number Porting N/A $5 per number
CNAM Dips N/A 1¢ per dip / query

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